Remove the guessing games and get the most out of your workouts!

Break out of a fitness plateau, get in the best shape of your life while learning fun and challenging exercises that keep you motivated with your training goals. We are here to help you every step of the way, whatever your goal is we create a roadmap for you by curating customized training, mobility and nutritional plans based off of your goals and fitness assessment.

Whether you are looking for an accountability partner, getting started with working out for the first time, or creating a program that best suits you, Beyond Built has a personal trainer for you.

Our job is to help you reach your fitness goals safely, effectively, sustainably, and enjoyably. We can not promise you that it will be easy, but we can promise you we will give you our 110% and if you put in the work, follow the program, and enjoy the process, it will pay off. You will be able to incorporate staying fit into your lifestyle for years to come not just temporarily. 

Benefits of Personal Training

  • Establish goals to suit yourfitness level
  • Develop an exercise programspecific to your needs, health status, and limitations
  • Assure proper exercisetechniques, program design, and progression to avoid exercise-relatedinjuries
  • Provide positive encouragementand accountability to keep you committed to your training program
  • Time maximizing routines
  • Reducethe risk of personal injury
  • Promotepositive self-image
  • Keepup to date with advanced techniques
  • Helpin identifying personal bodily deficiencies
  • Address your unique fitness profile


Our Main Studio Location

3601 W Kennedy Blvd

Tampa, FL 33609

Monday to Thursday: 5am to 7pm

Friday: 5am to 5pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Rates  for packages start at $60/ session, sold in prepaid packages only, by appointment only

Rates for drop in sessions start at $75/ session, subject to availability, 24 hour notice required

Our Trainers Travel to These Locations





Citrus Park




Land O Lakes

Wesley Chapel

Tampa Palms




Monday to Thursday: 5am to 7pm

Friday: 5am to 5pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Rates for packages start at $65/ session, sold in prepaid packages only, by appointment only

Why use a personal trainer?

Our personal training provides individualized support not just physically, but emotionally as well as psychologically. Our trainers have in-depth knowledge of intricacies of the body’s muscular and cardiovascular systems which allows them to specifically target areas of your body to ensure that you are training properly and optimized for your body. 

Do I really need a customized workout plan from a personal trainer?

Many people do not understand how our bodies work, the interconnectedness of muscles, tendons, and joints and how what you do with your body affects all aspects of weight gain/ loss and muscle gain/ loss. Many times, people do not do enough resistance or weight training and will do way too much aerobic exercise, and then they will wonder why they are not losing weight, gaining weight, or building muscle. Unlike many personal training facilities or commercial gyms our sessions are a dedicated 50 minute training session vs the normal 30 minute training session offered everywhere else.

Get in contact with our team about your fitness goals!