5 Strategies to Torch Menopausal Belly Fat

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5 Strategies to Torch Menopausal Belly Fat

Created by Dr. Aliya Redwood, a Chiropractic Physician for 27 years. During
which time I saw patients for regular care, neck and back pain, with a portion of my practice dedicated to weight loss. Most were women, who came in with weight gain related to menopause. 


So, I want to share with you my menopausal story, because I found myself in the same predicament as my patients did, years ago. You see when I turned 40 I noticed some weight gain but this was still manageable. However, after I turned 50, well that was I whole new ball game. I not only gained 5 pounds per year (while exercising), I had hot flashes, itchy skin, inflammation, hair loss, brain fog and fatigue. This is the hormonal roller coaster of menopause and the trauma of hopelessness that may come with it. I understand what you are going through first hand, you are not alone.

I am excited because, I have been working on this project, to decrease menopausal belly fat, and I have a pretty good handle on it, it’s not going to be easy, but it beats an increasing waistline. I have put together strategies, which work together, to torch belly fat. I am making this my mission to help women through this process. So as a companion to this guide, you are joining a members only Menopause Q & A Community, where I answer your questions from this point of view. We are in this together; join me as we regain control over Menopausal Belly Fat (MBF).